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Digitization creates both risks and opportunities for companies. This must be both the corporate management but also every employee. Here, not only creativity, flexibility and willingness to learn of each individual are required, but also speed, i. How fast an organization can adapt to new situations or demands in the market.
Digitalisation is therefore a strategically essential business issue and not just a question of technology The human being in the organization, processes, technologies and - most importantly - data must be considered as a whole and integrated. In the age of Industry 4.0, IoT or Big Data, the question of how to better network information and how to optimally use the ever-increasing amount of data for employees is becoming ever more pressing.
Our range of services is therefore geared specifically to topics that are essential for the success of digitization activities.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Digit-2-go is oriented in its projects and proven standards. Depending on the objectives and requirements, individual solutions are implemented with the customer. As part of the technology offer of our digit-2-go marketplaces, we have the opportunity for you to supplement individual elements or to use complete components. As part of IoT or big data projects, we analyze and optimize the entire data logistics, from data extraction at the source systems to data storage to data processing for further analysis and visualization on your dashboards. In doing so, we ensure that optimal data quality provides a solid basis for predictive and prescritive analytics and that the benefits of big data can be tapped.

A professional enterprise architecture combines knowledge about different components in a company and makes its relationships transparent and thus analyzable.

What knowledge is needed in the processes?
What knowledge migrates when employees leave the company?Can I use employees from other areas in certain processes?
To what extent do current IT applications support?
Which standardization potential is used?
What is the degree of automation of my processes?
Which data is needed for which tasks?
Where are decisions made by whom?
What information is available for decisions?
Which risks are relevant?
Which data needs which security level in the processes?
Which company policies are used where?

Data Management

Digital Transformation Consulting


An enterprise architecture should answer such questions and can thus be used for overall optimization. Known and proven enterprise architectures are e.g. the Zachmann Framework or the ARIS method with the ARIS House of Business Engineering.Digit-2-go offers over 15 years of experience in building such architectures and advises companies of all sizes in the topicsEnterprise Architecture & BPM GovernanceProcess architecture and process modelingProcess automation with BPMN 2.0Data architecture and data modelingIT application architecture and IT application landscapes


Data without context is worthless. It is only in the specific context that data about information that can support decisions opens up. By using this information, information on a specific knowledge of which, will make the decisive edge in the competition of a company. In this way, data becomes a corporate asset and makes data management a primarily strategic task. To a comprehensive digital data management belong fundamentally a multiplicity at different task and topic areas. Typical questions are ...

Which employee needs which information / data for which activity?
How do I define my future data requirements?
What is my current data quality?
Who cares about the timeliness of the data?
Where are my structured and unstructured data stored?
How do I prepare data for use?
How do I ensure security for my data?

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