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Die Analyse der Zahlen

Intelligent Oil Fields is a strategic program for our customer. It provides the foundation to the future of our customer´s operational excellence covering mainly follwing themes:

People: Key factor to enable staff to make operational excellence suceed

Process: Improving Collaborative Business Processes

Technology: Use of best in class Tools and methodologies 

The program covers upstream an downstram Oil & Gas activities which aim to digitally transform our customer´s operations and to develop an Enterprise intelligent support System that will reduce cost, maximize Efficiency , value and HSE.

Our role was mainly using proven methodologies based on ARIS to standardize and optimize Business processes and prepare the implementation of the IOF Solutions in collaboration with the relevant Subject Matter Experts and the IT. Main processes in Focus were i.e.Well Planning, Gas Lift Optimization, Water Flood Management and Geosteering as well as the Establishment of RTOC
(Real Time Operation Centers) to enable Decision Support support via Real time Business Intelligence Systems and Dashboards.

Intelligent Oil Field Development

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