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Soziales Netzwerk-Konzept

Especially with very heterogeneous IT landscapes, there are many advantages of using modern ESB technologies to enable fast and easy connection of the systems. Thus, e.g. Point-to-point integrations as well as project and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. Data quality is also improved through smooth exchange between systems and rework is reduced. 


Orchestra is flexible enough to handle both simple interface requirements and complex service-oriented architecture scenarios. 

Advantages of Orchestra:

Orchestra offers future-proof, transparent and adjustable processing models that adapt to the previous structure and interfaces of your company:


-  A design environment for all target platforms

- Easy updates and software distribution

- Remote access possible

- Interfaces with different versions can be operated simultaneously

- Simple customizing of the systems involved, regardless of the interface

- Deployment of interface code, decoupled from the operating environment

Orchestra for Industry 4.0

For the implementation of "Industrie 4.0" or "IoT" projects, it is crucial that the exchange of data for the networked machines and devices can be carried out using the uniform data exchange standard OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture). The Middleware Orchestra understands and translates this language and can thus ensure the exchange of data with the IT systems.

Integration Platform

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